Series Schedule

  • March 17 – NOMAMBO’s Run to the Hills, Mt Zion Trails, Brookhaven MS
  • April 14 – Back to the Bogue, Chickasabogue Park, Mobile AL
  • May 5 – Acadiana Classic, Acadiana Park, Lafayette LA
  • May 19 – State Games of Mississippi, Bonita Lakes Park, Meridian MS
  • June 2 – Bump N Grind, Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham AL (Gulf South Bonus Points Race, SERC Regular Points Race)
  • September 8 – Hill Country Revival, Tombigbee State Park, Tupelo MS
  • September 15 – Piney Hills Classic, Lincoln Parish Park, Ruston LA (Gulf South and TMBRA Regular Points Race)
  • October 6 – Charlotte’s Revenge, Noxubee Hills Trails, Ackerman MS
  • October 20 – McGee Lungbuster, Ridgeland Trails, Ridgeland MS

Start times to be listed on each race flyer.

Bump ‘N Grind Bonus Points Race

The June 2nd Bump ’N Grind race at Oak Mountain State park in Pelham AL will count as a bonus points race for the Gulf South Regional Mountain Bike Series.  Riders will earn 30 points for starting the race.  The race does not count toward the minimum number of races, and it is not eligible to be dropped.  No team points will be awarded for this race.

Piney Hills Classic

The Piney Hills Classic in Ruston LA will count as a full points race for both the Gulf South series and the TMBRA Texas series.  The weekend also includes race categories that only count towards only the Texas series.  Race payouts are based on Texas rules.  More details on this race weekend will be posted loser to race day.

Regional Championship Rules

Individual Championships

Racers that are competing for end of the year awards:

  • Racers competing for an overall individual championship must either (a) have a USA Cycling annual license or (b) have pre-registered and purchased a one day license prior to each race entered.  Racers that register and purchase a 1-day license on race day and do not have a USA Cycling account number will not receive points earned for that race. Racers must be in good standing with USA Cycling.
  • Racers must start a minimum of 6 races to be considered for an overall individual championship. The series finale, the Lungbuster in Ridgeland MS, counts as one of the 5 must-start races.
  • The 3 lowest placing races for the year will be dropped.
  • Women can enter a Men’s category race in accordance with USA Cycling Rule 1H9 and earn points toward the Men’s championship.
  • Juniors can enter an adult age group race in accordance with USA Cycling Rule 1H9 and earn points toward that championship.  Juniors racing in an adult class pays the same entry fee as the adults.
  • Points earned in one category cannot be transferred to another category. For instance, points earned in a Single Speed at one race cannot count towards points earned toward a Cat 3 championship.
  • Any racer that starts all 8 series races will be awarded 5 bonus points.


Ties at the end of the year will be broken as follows:

  1. The rider with the highest drop race
    Example:  Rider A has a 5th place as their drop and Rider B has a 6th place as theirs, the tiebreaker will go to rider A
  2. If still tied, the results of the series finale will be the deciding tiebreaker.

Team Championships

Teams that are competing for end of the year awards:

  • Prior to race day, racers must have an annual USA Cycling license and have the name of their mountain bike club and team on the license.
  • Racers with a one-day license are not eligible to receive team championship points.
  • The best five finishes for each team will earn points for each race.
  • There are no drop races.
  • Racers will have until the second race to finalize update their license to reflect their 2019 team.
  • Clubs will multiple teams will count as one team for the championship.

Number Plates

Riders will be assigned number plates at the first race they participate in.  The number will be used at all races except Ruston and Pelham. Numbers are grouped by category and class.

  • Pro/1, Cat 2, and Single Speed riders must keep and use the assigned number plate for the season.
  • Cat 3 and Junior riders have the option of either keeping their assigned number plate for the season or returning it to registration immediately after the end of the race.
  • Cat 3 First Timer racers must return the number plate after the race.
  • Riders that cat up mid-season must exchange number plates (i.e trade a Cat 3 number for a Cat 2 number).
  • Riders must pay a $5 replacement fee to replace a lost number plate. “Paper plate numbers” will not be allowed.

Minimum Individual Race Purses

All minimum payouts are for the top 3 finishers regardless of the number of entrants. 

  • Pro/Cat 1 : $80-$60-$40
  • Cat 2 and Singlespeed: $60-$40-$20
  • Cat 3 and Juniors: Prizes (no cash)

Ruston will utilize the TMBRA Texas series payout schedule.

Posted Results

Per USAC rules, there will be a 15 minute protest period after results are posted.  Results will be printed and listed as preliminary until the protest period has expired and all protests are resolved.  Afterwards, the results will be reprinted as final and considered final. Be sure to review the posted results after the race.

Regional Championship Structure


The following categories will be offered for regional championships:

Category Men’s Age Groups Women’s Age Groups
Pro/1 19*-39, 40+ All Ages
Cat 2 19*-39, 40-49, 50+ All Ages
Cat 3 19*-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+ 19-39, 40+
Juniors* 6-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18 6-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18
Single Speed Mixed Open

*Junior riders under 19 can race in 19-39 or 19-29 age group.

Points Table

1 60 113721 17
2 57 123522 15
3 54 133323 13
4 51 143124 11
5 49 1529 25 9
6 47 162726 7
7 45 17 25 27 5
8 43 18 23 28+ 5

Points for individual and team championships will be awarded for each race other than Ruston as follows:

Any racer that starts the Piney Hills Classic in Ruston will receive 30 points regardless of the finishing position.

Any racer that starts all 8 series races will be awarded 5 bonus points.


Volunteer 10 hours for Adults, 3 hours for Juniors 10 & under and 5 hours for Juniors 11-14 between January 1, 2019 and October 6, 2019 on a recognized and approved volunteer program and you will earn 60 points in the 2019 Gulf South Regional Championship Series. The 60 points from PayDirt are in addition to, not instead of, your counted races for the series overall.   The October 6, 2019 cut off is necessary to be able to finalize the series points standing prior to the final race.

Submit a completed form with approved land manager’s signature to Series record keeper no later than October 6, 2019.

The following guidelines are used in determining what qualifies for PayDirt hours:

  • The PayDirt program was created to promote trail maintenance on trails that are open to the public for the majority of the year.
  • Never perform trail maintenance or construction without the knowledge and cooperation of the land manager responsible for the area you intend to work in. Land managers do not appreciate unauthorized trail work and illegal trail cutting is creating problems for mountain bikers all over the country.
  • Work Points hours must be logged at a minimum of two separate workdays. Juniors can log their hours in one workday.
  • Your Work Points Record of Hours must be verified by the land manager responsible for the area you work in and will be verified at the end of the season.
  • Required hours of PayDirt correspond to the class/category you are racing. If your race age is 14 but you are racing a 15-18 age group, you must do the 10 hours required of that age group. 

NICA Alabama Exemption

Racers and coaches that are not able to participate in a Gulf South race due to racing or coaching a NICA Alabama Interscholastic Cycling League race on the same weekend will be considered “present” toward races attended, perfect attendance bonus points and attendance-based bonus prizes at the end of the year.

Championship Prizes

The regional champion in each Category/Age Group and Single Speed will receive the Gulf South Regional Champion’s Jersey.

The top 3 in each Cat 1 and Cat 2 Age Group and in Single Speed will receive a cash prize.

The top 3 in each Cat 3 Age Group and Juniors will get prizes.

Remember: racers must start a minimum of 5 races including the series finale to be eligible for these awards.

Bonus Prize

Riders who start 6 of 8 races will be entered into a raffle for a Cannondale mountain bike from Bicycle Revolution.